Reinventing the school newspaper for the digital generation
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The student News Trust is a not-for-profit enterprise established to engage young people as creators and critical consumers of news and more broadly media. We seek to do this through reinventing the school newspaper online. ScoopStar is a programme to equip school students with the skills and resources to become young journalists. The trust is seeking to integrate the traditional school newspaper with an updated version of the newspaper in education programme.

The use of newspapers in the classroom results in an increase in students' reading interest, reading attitudes, reading achievement, writing performance, comprehension, classroom verbal interactions, and an increase of reading in adulthood. It is through connecting the curriculum with the real world that young people become engaged and inspired, and we can deepen their learning, foment creativity, and most importantly of all, open their minds.

In this day and age, when school systems are so concerned about academic performance, no school can justify not having a student newspaper.” Mark Goodman Knight Chair in Scholastic Journalism