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Academic Achievement

The use of newspapers in the classroom results in an increase in students' reading interest, reading attitudes, reading achievement, writing performance, comprehension, classroom verbal interactions, and an increase of reading in adulthood. It is through connecting the curriculum with the real world that children become engaged and inspired, and we can deepen their learning, foment creativity, and most importantly of all, open their minds.

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Research shows clearly that student motivation and achievement is significantly increased by meaningfully connecting school to the real world.

Stanford University

The Scottish Network for Able Pupils based at Glasgow University recommends setting up a regular school newspaper as one of their tried and tested methods for developing gifted young people.  They write that setting up a regular school newspaper is, "A way of supporting individual children with particular abilities, while also offering opportunities to others to develop their strengths, is through whole school activities such as a regular school newspaper, radio or television shows, enterprise activities and charity eventsThis approach lends itself well to Curriculum for Excellence".

Engagement with school newspapers helps students:-

  • Develop Reading Comprehension - students will read about events that involve or concern them.
  • Develop Critical Analysis - students have the opportunity to evaluate multiple sources and opinions.
  • Express opinions in appropriate feedback formats.
  • Recognize forms of expression - through exposure to various good models of writing, such as news, editorial, feature.
  • Understand the role of the media in a democratic society.
  • Understand the limitations of various media.
  • Examine credibility of sources.
  • Recognize and discount reporter bias or opinion in a story.