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Literacy. Writing for a purpose and audience encourages students to write and to work at becoming better writers. Many students don’t think of themselves as writers or are daunted by the writing process. Writing, revising, sharing, feedback and editing stories makes this process sociable, natural and enjoyable. The editing process promotes peer revision and learning.[Read More]

Student Voice. Becoming a reporter empowers students to find their own unique point of view and relationship to the stories they’re reporting.  It provides a link with the school management enabling them to investigate school issues. Student stories provide a safe forum for an exchange of student opinion.[Read More]

Communication and Teamwork.  ScoopStar develops students' learning by encouraging students to work and communicate effectively as part of a news team. [Read More]

Community. ScoopStar promotes community awareness - of school, local, national and global communities, and provides a connection between what students do in the school and the wider society. It helps various groups within the school connect with one another, gaining respect for diversity and for a variety of activities.[Read More]

Citizenship.  School newspapers help young people become more critical readers of professionally produced news and media through understanding the process by which stories are produced.[Read More]

Academic Achievement. The school newspaper reinforces the basic reading, writing and thinking skills which they have learned in other courses.

Journalism and Media Careers. School newspapers provide invaluable training  and experience for students considering careers in journalism and the media. The Student News Trust is committed to increasing the diversity of the media workforce to reflect society.[Read More]

Employability Skills. ScoopStar helps students develop the key employability skills most associated with success in the workplace including: communication, research skills, teamwork, leadership, organisation, time management, critical thinking, confidence, creativity, problem solving, perseverance and the ability to work under pressure.[Read More]

Digital and Social Media Skills. Young people live in a media-rich and social environment.  Student journalism is an ideal way of teaching them both the skills and the awareness to flourish in this new world..[Read More]