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Charities week 2013

diabetes-uk-bodyThe always successful charities week has been here again! This year it’s for the school charityDiabetes UK!

 The week kicked off on Friday with the famous StayAwake! You can read all about it in James Clark’s story.  According to Mr Stockton, the organiser of the event, we raised £4,500 if everyone brings the money promised, which will make it was one of the most successful events yet. Mr Stockton did admit to finding a few people dosing off , but “they were soon awake again!” The StayAwake was great fun the best bits being karaoke in the jamming room and just dance in the wii room!

On Monday was the Bizarre Bazaar and it went down a storm! At the centre there was a raffle with some great prizes including:  a jump to the front off the lunch que pass, a snood and many more! There were also games like whack a rat and plenty of cakes and sweets to be bought.

The variety performance on Tuesday lunch time this was brilliant. It was non-competitive and enormous fun. One of the best acts was Harry Murray and Heidi Goddard who sang turning tables by Adele.  Despite Harry admitting to feeling nervous, shaky, anxious but excited, they were excellent.

Then on Wednesday it was time for the Quiz with a 2012 theme. The quiz was composed of four rounds:  music intros, pop culture, an observation round and a puzzles round. Music intros included ‘Skyfall’ and ‘Somebody that I used to know’.

The popular culture round featured questions like; who played at the interval of the Super Bowl?’ This quite clearly was Beyonce! The third round was the observation round.  We were taken on a video of a tour of the school and then got asked questions like ‘how many fire extinguishers where on the stairs? The fourth and final round was the puzzles sheet round.   There were two winning teams, “Angles and Demons” (the maths teachers), and a group of year 10s who’s team name is too complicated to spell! The teachers kindly gave the Mama Doreen’s and the cinema vouchers to the other team!

After nearly a week of fun came the big Gig on Thursday. This was a rock style concert which included performances from Oblivion, winners of the Battle of the Bands and Talent Show finalists. Many of the talented performers went to the extra effort of writing their own songs. The Gig was a great place to go listen to modern day rock music and a fantastic experience.

Unfortunately the teacher’s clothes show was postponed due to the snow! Watch this space to hear about the teachers clothes show once it happens and how much money was raised!

If you have any photographs of these events please send them to us.

By Alicia Kernaghan