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Notre Dame Students sleeps rough for charity

A-homeless-man-begs-for-m-007Students at Notre dame have decided to support the Social Justice groups attempt to raise awareness of homelessness in Leeds, in support of Shelter, a charity who helps homeless people both young and old.  One of the leaders of the social justice group Eunice Agbemafle felt that this subject on homelessness was something to bring to the attention of students in the college, and started a new campaign Card Board City, this involved students sleeping in the car park of the college in card board boxes for 1 night for charity. This controversial event was a success and they rose over £200 for the cause. After the event Eunice was interviewed by Shona Cain to talk about the success of the night.

Q) What made you want to do the shelter appeal?

A) a part of was the chance to do something new, something that not many people have done for charity, but mainly it was to bring me closer to how homeless people feel this time of year, to sort of feel the hardships that they go through, which was what attracted me to the idea.

Q) How much money did you raise for the charity?

A) We haven’t official counted it all up yet, because people are still donating at the moment, but I believe, its round about £200 more or less.

Q) What was it like being homeless for one night?

A) Surprisingly the experience was quite good, apart from the cold, obviously, and it was raining as well. But once we got the cardboard down it wasn’t as bad as we expected, or biggest fear was someone getting hurt, however the rain stopped and it was quite warm and was fun for the people there. But that wouldn’t be like that for someone who was actually homeless and we have to remember that, something that serious cannot be taken lightly.

Q) Would you do it again for charity?

A) Yea! It was a great experience, there were plenty of people that want to do it, but we could only take 20 people, but I think if the opportunity came around again I would definitely do it again, it’s a great experience and it gives you a chance to feel what it’s really like to be homeless

Q) What would you like Notre Dame Students to take from this experience?

A) It was a different experience for everyone, but for me what I would like them to take away from it knows what it is like to be in those shoes, what it feels for other people, because homelessness is right outside our front door. More people are just a few pay checks away from being homeless, so I think it’s very important that people knows that homeless people are not just alcoholics and drug takers, it could be anyone, and therefore it gives them the incentive to help people. People now a day have begun to think, like why we should help them when they got themselves in that position, a lot of the times its true but other times its not, and I want people to realise that.