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A political giant dies – Commiserations and Celebrations

Thatcher-locIf you don’t know about the death of the political giant Margaret Thatcher then you've been in hibernation. Thatcher died on the morning of 8 April 2013. I found it strange and quite shocking that people would celebrate the death of such an iconic politician. The only information I knew about the Thatcher years was that of my rambling grandparents so, due to my naive opinion I decided to do some research and perhaps there is reason to do both.

Firstly there are several reasons why you might be sad about Thatcher’s death. Thatcher was the first female prime minister in England. Despite your opinions of her you have to admit that that is a considerable achievement. Oppressed by men she carried on with a sheer lack of regard which shows her remarkable stubborn aspect of her that’s both admirable and detestable. Margaret came into power in 1979, having a staggering 11 years in power until 1990. It was during this time that she arguably changed the country forever. During the Thatcher years, she introduced privatisation which led to a £29 million pound sale of nationalised industries and another £18 billion from the sale of council houses. This brought the country out of the recession and introduced a much more stable economy. Throughout her reign Thatcher always put the inspiring message across that whatever your background, with enough hard work and determination you could achieve your potential and succeed.

Thatcher’s reign did however bring about many changes to the country that were negative. Due to her stubbornness she has been criticised for promoting a sense of greed and selfishness.

This shined through with the minor strikes. Her inability to compromise led to the closing of the mines and a nationwide strike. You often hear nicknames such as ‘Thatcher the milk snatcher’ as it was reported that Thatcher took away the privilege of a bottle of milk away from children. This seems incredibly harsh on her part. This clearly depicts her ruthless nature. There seemed to be a sense of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. The elitist values of her government have changed the face of politician forever as it seems no one can be trusted, especially not the Conservative party.

It’s hard to encompass everything Margaret did during her mammoth reign but a concept that seems strange to me is the celebration of her death. If I had been alive during those years I may have taken a moral standpoint that it is somewhat different to the one I have now. I can see both sides to the argument in this case as the situation didn’t directly affect me. Although this might be ignorant, it’s difficult for young adults to do this as we weren’t around when it happened unlike our parents. For me, I do think regardless of your opinion everyone, even possibly the monstrous Thatcher deserves dignity in death.

by Louis Glazzard