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Journalism and Media Careers

School newspapers provide invaluable training  and experience for students considering careers in journalism and the media.  The Student News Trust is committed to increasing the diversity of the media workforce to reflect society.

"If your business is telling stories about the society in which you work, it makes sense to ensure the people who tell the stories are representative of the society as a whole."

(Skills for Tomorrow's Media, Skillset/DCMS)

6966_6991Through working in school, ScoopStar engages with young people from all social backgrounds helping to develop their expertise and self efficacy.

Student Journalists can try a range of roles, undertake assignments, meet deadlines, earn badges and points, and develop their skills as part of the school news team.

    • Reporting — accuracy, fairness, completeness
    • Writing — precision, attribution, transition, readability, thesis, focus
    • Interviewing — back grounding, arranging, conducting, synthesizing
    • Editing — judgment, fairness, balance
    • Photography and video — depicting news through images and sound
    • Creativity
    • Graphics — using design to communicate information
    • Organization and Leadership – Communication, Collaboration and teamwork, Time management
    • Ethics, fairness and decision-making