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Mission, Vision & Values

All around us the world is changing. Technology and new forms of media are increasingly shaping education and changing the way we communicate. To thrive as a nation we must engage all our young people in society and equip them with the skills to succeed. To achieve this we are committed to understanding the way children learn and how changes in technology, media and society are transforming this process. We must prepare our young people today for tomorrow.

Our Mission

Our Mission outlines our purpose and serves as the standard against which we measure our decisions and impact.

• To develop young people as engaged, critical and literate citizens of tomorrow.
• To increase academic achievement, especially of the less advantaged.
• To develop tomorrow’s leaders and workers through developing their employability skills.
• To help newspapers, publishers and other media organisations engage with and support young people.
• To enable charities, universities and other pro-social organisations to engage young people.
• To develop tomorrow's news and creative media workforce, representative of the whole of our society.
• To make empower young people to make a difference.

Our Vision

We believe that young people have enormous unrealised potentials. Our vision is to empower and equip them to report, understand, enrich and improve their world. Through engagement with news, they will become active citizens and develop the attitudes and skills for employment, lifelong learning and personal success.

Our Values

Our values guide our actions and describe how we behave in the world. For ourselves and our users we are wholly committed to the values of

• Leadership - the courage to shape a better future.
• Collaboration - working together to leverage collective talents and resources.
• Commitment - the passion to make the difference.
• Diversity - working for and with all people, ideas and approaches.
• Sustainability - being financially viable, and not costing the planet.
• Respect - listening to others' views and having proper regard to the rights of others.
• Challenge - Inspiring, questioning and raising the bar.
• Quality - always doing what we do well.
• Empowerment - helping to achieve direction, opportunity and skills to develop.