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Finding Stories

Experience has shown that finding interesting and engaging stories is one of the most challenging aspects for the student journalist and busy advisor.  ScoopStar makes this process much easier.

Teachers and partner organisations can very easily set the journalists assignments.  So if the Drama teacher wants the school play reviewed or the local newspaper wants the First World War centenary events covered, all they have to do is login and set the assignment. The assignment setter can specify in detail what the story needs to cover, then feedback to the student and reward them with points and badges.

Additionally built into the students' newsroom is a calendar of relevant upcoming events, special days and celebrations, and a curated feed of current news stories adapted specifically for the student journalists.

Finding Stories 2

Local News

Each school newspaper is designed to carry local news feeds from partner organisations.

Engaging young people with local news is critical to their development as citizens.  Analysis by Mintel has shown that as students progress through the education system they become increasingly uninterested in reading local newspapers.  But the research evidence is clear that teenagers who read newspapers through school exhibit significantly higher levels of civic engagement 10 to 15 years later. (NAAF).

The importance of engaging young people in local news and issues can't be overstated.

“By Year 11....young people are more influenced in their attitudes and intentions to civic participation by what goes on in closer, familiar contexts such as school, family, peers and local neighbourhood” [than from exposure to national politics and media]. (NFER)