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“In this day and age, when school systems are so concerned about academic performance, no school can justify not having a student newspaper.”  

Mark Goodman, Knight Chair in Scholastic Journalism, Kent State University

Student journalists have access to a wide range of original and curated learning content.  They can ask experts, join groups and undertake assignments and challenges.  They can support each other through dedicated forums and give feedback.  The editing system is designed to maximise student interaction and learning.  Students can track Editor and Advisor amendments and receive feedback.  Students undertake the roles of real journalists as part of team, working to deadlines and dealing with difficult issues.



American research evidence shows that:

  • High school journalists achieved higher grades and demonstrated better writing skills in college than their peers.
  • Students in schools with newspaper programmes did 10% better academically.
  • Students using newspapers in school scored on average 10% higher on reading and comprehension tests.  This was up to 30% higher for urban students.