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Students want a voice but they also need an audience.  Educational research has demonstrated that students are more likely to continue writing and producing content if they are read and watched.

ScoopStar has been designed to maximise student engagement and become  a one-stop-shop for school, community and curriculum news.  ScoopStar puts the student journalist on the front page.

American research has shown that School news is the 4th most popular news topic for teenagers, with 25% checking daily and 69% at least once a week. 

12311Further research by NAAF found that the three most popular types of content that drew teen readers to newspapers were:

  • Written to teens, by teens or related to teens (30%)
  • Self-written, written by or about someone personally known, or a story for which they were interviewed (18%)
  • Entertainment news, reviews, things to do, movies, concerts, school events (16%)