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Becoming a reporter empowers students to find their own unique point of view and relationship to the stories they’re reporting.  It provides a link with the school management enabling them to investigate school issues.  Their stories provide a safe forum for an exchange of student opinion.  ScoopStar gives young people the skills and opportunity to make their voice heard, and counter what they perceive as the negative portrayal of themselves in mainstream media.


“Young people are portrayed as violent and lazy, and adults have a negative image, but realistically most teens are not like this.”

“Of all the young people in newspapers, TV and radio, none of them represent any of my friends, or any younger person I know.”

“The media should focus more on the majority of children who work hard at school and do achieve their potential.”

"Implementing Youth Matters, Continuing the Dialogue with Young People", DfES 


"At school an open climate of discussion and debate, and a school ethos that encourages active pupil engagement in decision-making have a positive influence on pupils’ civic outcomes." NFER